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ESU Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines Day to you ESU Family!

Follow the link below to grab 1 of the 3 bottles that we are giving away this season. 

To UNLOCK the form, refer to our ‘hints’ for clues on what the password is!

Potion bottle 1: 5 Feb 2024, 12PM

Potion bottle 2: 6 Feb 2024, 12PM

Potion bottle 3: 7 Feb 2024, 12PM

* Hints will be released on the date mentioned above.

** Hints will be available on Facebook, Instagram and Telegram.

With each bottle we are giving away, there will be a pair of tickets to the Harry Potter Forbidden Forest Exhibition for you and your significant other to enjoy – inside!

Important note***

  • All winners will be selected by a randomizer.
  • To enter: 1. You must be an existing ESU member. 2. Submit your response in time, before the portal is closed.
  • All 3 portals will be open until submissions reach a maximum.
  • If you submit your name in every portal, your chances are not increased. [we want to be fair to all our members]

Ticket information:

  • All winners will be receiving a prize of 2x $100 e-Gift Card for the Harry Potter Forbidden Forest Exhibition 2024.
  • All e-vouchers will be sent to winners via email after verification.


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