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NTUC Family Fun Fiesta 2023

NTUC Club will be organising a Family Fun Fiesta at Downtown East for lower-income union members to enjoy a day of fun with their families!

To be eligible, you would need to meet the following:

  1. Total Monthly Gross Household Income (GHI) of $4,000 and below; OR Per Capita Income of $1,000 and below if GHI exceeds $4,000
  2. 6 continuous months of Union membership at the point of application, with no membership arrears

If employed, members would have to upload a copy of their recent payslip, a letter from employer stating gross monthly income, or IRAS (Year of Assessment 2023). For members who are unemployed or self-employed, a CPF statement showing past 3 months’ contribution history or IRAS (Year of Assessment 2022) would be required.

Application starts 26 October 2023, 0900hours, to 10 November 2023, 2359hours.

Successful members will receive a link to register and to select their preferred run after confirming their attendance. A QR code for 4 tickets will then be sent via email, which can be exchanged for admission tickets to Wild Wild Wet on their selected day.

Apply now via OneCARE at:



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