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The new digital bank, brought to you by the partnership between Standard Chartered Bank and Fairprice Group, with over 200 years of combined heritage.

OCBC / NTUC Plus! Visa Card(s) will be cancelled by 31 Jan 2023. However, Link Rewards membership and Linkpoints remain active. Find out more here.

The Voice for Working People in the Private Education Industry

Formed on 31 March 2006, the Education Services Union represents the interests of working people in the education* industry. This includes Early Childhood, Student Care, Universities, Private Education Institutions, International Schools. All individuals working in the education* industry are welcome to join us!
* Excluding individuals working in the public sector

Join The ESU Family to Enjoy these Exclusive Benefits

Protection, progression, placement and privileges. These are the 4 words associated with the Labour Movement in championing the rights of all working individuals, regardless of backgrounds or designations. Keen to be an ESU member? At a fee of as low as $0.32 a day, you get to enjoy these exclusive perks.

Our ESU Unionised Companies

Why Should I be an ESU Member?


Receive advice by the ESU team on employment guidelines or regulations and get empowered with the knowledge to minimise future occurences.


Upgrade your skillsets by gaining access to available resource support and training subsidy.


Enjoy a specially curated range of benefits where you can stretch your dollar when you travel, dine out, shop and many more


Widen your career opportunities and network through career fairs and sessions organised by the Employment and Employability Institute (e2i).

Get in touch with ESU

Have any questions about ESU membership benefits or initiatives? Experiencing any issues at your workplace? Drop us a message now.

Our Wall of Thanks

Know your Employment Rights

Read more on common employment issues faced by others and learn how to navigate the situation.