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We want to partner you to bring about win-win outcomes for both the company and your employees. Find out more on the benefits of being a unionised company under ESU now! If you have any queries, we would be happy to schedule a meeting to share more about unionisation and address your questions.

How we Help Companies!

As a unionised company of ESU, you get to enjoy a suite of benefits ranging from providing support on HR standards to partnering companies on resolving any conflicts that arise to subsidies for training employees.

As our unionised partner, you get to enjoy:

  1. Advisory on HR best practices
  2. Training Grants of up to $50,000 to increase company’s productivity
  3. Workforce transformation through Company Training Committees
  4. Placement support through e2i
  5. Enhanced welfare and benefits for employees with ESU membership benefits
  6. Regular engagements with ESU’s unionised companies, key stakeholders and ministries

… and many more.

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Complimentary Training Grant Provided to Upskill Employees

Receive up to $50,000 per year on training grants to upgrade your workforce. NTUC-Education and Training Fund (NETF) co-funds training subsidy to support 50% unfunded course fees for companies for their employees who meet the eligibility criteria.

Tap on Extensive Resources Provided by the Labour Movement

Enjoy a network of resourses such as from NTUC’s Training and Transformation Department on forming a Company Training Committee and from the Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) on job placements and career coaching for employees.

Gain Insights to Industry Policies and Standards

As partners of various players in the industry, ESU understands the nuances of policymaking and caters to different needs of the workforce. On employment regulations and guidelines, we provide our companies with consultations to stay updated and relevant.

Be Part of our ESU Family

Have more questions on the unionisation process and want to find out more on how ESU can work together with you? 

Our ESU Unionised Companies


Companies do not need to pay a fee to be unionised. However, there is a membership fee to be paid by employee who intends to join ESU/NTUC as a member. The cost for membership is $9 a month from January to November and $18 in December. As a staff benefit, company can choose to subsidise membership fees for employees.

ESU will schedule a meeting with the company to share and understand more about the company. Once the company has decided to form an official partnership with ESU, we will prepare the relevant documentations for company’s acknowledgement. These will be filed with the Ministry of Manpower.

ESU aims to benefit all operators across the education* industry and we want the voices of our members from all sectors in the education* to be heard, regardless of the companies they are in. Companies may be approached any time depending on various factors including membership, relevancy and timing. We encourage all companies in the industry to partner with us to create a sustainable employment ecosystem that will benefit employees and employers.

*excluding individuals working in the public sector.

No, unionisation of a company and union membership are two different matters. Employees of a unionised company would still have to individually sign up as an ESU member if they have not already done so. Individuals have the right to join a trade union and companies are not able to prevent them from doing so. Those who wish to join as an ESU member can sign up at

Know your Employment Rights

Get in touch with  ESU today to find out how we can help better the livelihood of our workers. We look forward to forging a good partnership.