About Us

Our Humble Beginnings

ESU was formed in 2006 with our pioneer branches, namely NUS, NTU, NAFA, SAS, RELC, and UWCSEA. As the Education sector was growing and preschool is an integral part of our education system, we merged with Kindergarten and Childcare Staff Union (KCCSU) in 2008 to better represent our members in the Early Childhood sector. Today, ESU represents around 29,000 working individuals in the education industry, mainly in the Early Childhood, Student Care, Universities, Private Education Institutions, International Schools. This excludes individuals working in the public sector. We also currently partner around 50 companies to improve the working conditions for the workers.

Our Philosophy

  1. To promote good industrial relations between members and their employers;
  2. To improve working conditions of members or enhance their economic and social status;
  3. To raise productivity for the benefit of members, their employers and the economy of Singapore

Meet Our Team

ESU Council of Advisors

Khaw Boon Wan


James Tan Cheng Choo


John De Payva


Teo Yock Ngee


Lim Kwang Beng


Dr Intan Azura Mokhtar


Saktiandi Supaat


ESU Trustees

Ma Wei Cheng

Toh Hwee Tin

Thiagarajan Subramaniam

ESU Executive Council

Desmond John Chin Kong Thai


Tang Foong Sen Cecilia

Vice President

Lee Kwee Huay

Vice President

Arshad Ismail

General Secretary

Rohana Bte Ujang

Assistant General Secretary

Christina Liaw Lang Hiang

General Treasurer

Tan Choon Huat

Assistant General Treasurer

James Tan Cheng Choo

Executive Secretary

Rozyana Binte Jaffar

Assistant Executive Secretary

Brenda Quah Ching Ching


Chen Chin Tyng


Herlena Binte Masehkoo


Juraimi Bin Jumari


Tan Hui Hui


Zainab Bte Mohamed


Kho Say Tin


Ng Lian Eng Jen


Ang Lay Hoon


Harry Lee Wen Joon


Hue Ruey Fang

Internal Auditor

Muhd Fuadi Bin Rahmat

Internal Auditor

ESU Staff

Prakasham S/O Thangaveloo

Wendy Tan

Jolene Fo

Tan Hai En

Adrienne Ong

Lee Xing Hui

Ash Chng

Roziah Binti Latip

Fun Facts about ESU

A broad overview of milestone achievements

Number of Members

In 2006, we started with 4,500 members. With sweat and tears, we have grown to be 29,000-member strong today.

Number of Unionised Branches

We have a formal partnership with almost 50 companies from the education industry. All 6 local Autonoumous Universities are unionised under ESU.

PME Representation

Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs) are welcome to join ESU. In fact, 70% of all our members are PMEs.

Representation in Early Childhood

7 in 10 Early Childhood professionals are ESU members and we represent more than 10,000 individuals working in the Early Childhood sector.

How We Help Individuals

At an affordable cost every month, ESU brings you the following:
  1. Workplace advisory and consultation
  2. Complimentary death and permanent disability insurance*
  3. Financial assistance and hardship grant*
  4. Yearly training grant
  5. Conferences, workshops and webinars
  6. Bi-annual membership gifts
  7.  Dining and shopping privileges ..and many more.
*Terms and conditions apply

Union membership is all-inclusive. We accept applications from all employees, freelancers and even self-employed persons in the sector.

Get free workplace advice from the ESU team. Attend complimentary workshops and trainings. Participate in ESU’s exclusive events and engagements. Enjoy a wealth of other exclusive benefits at an average cost of $0.32 per day.

How we Benefit Companies

ESU is the bridge between employers and employees. We build good labour-management relationship with our unionised companies and partner them to uplift HR standards, ensure that employees’ well-being is taken care of and provide training subsidies.

As our unionised partner, you get to enjoy:

  1. Advisory on HR best practices
  2. Training Grants of up to $50,000 to increase company’s productivity
  3. Workforce transformation through Company Training Committees
  4.  Placement support through e2i
  5. Enhanced welfare and benefits for employees with ESU membership benefits
  6.  Regular engagements with ESU’s unionised companies, key stakeholders and ministries

… and many more.


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