Interested to know more on the benefits of being an ESU member?

Do you know that there are many perks that an ESU member can enjoy? Apart from collecting LinkPoints at FairPrice, you can benefit from exclusive privileges with merchant partners, workplace protection, skills upgrading and many more.

How we Champion for our Members

ESU aims to achieve more for our members by offering workplace consultations, upskilling for better opportunities, and more.  

At an affordable cost every month, ESU brings you the following:

  1. Workplace advisory and consultation
  2. Complimentary death and permanent disability insurance*
  3. Financial Assistance and Hardship grant*
  4. Yearly Training Grant
  5. Conferences, Workshops and Webinars
  6. Bi-annual Membership Gifts
  7. Dining and Shopping privileges …and many more.

Terms and conditions apply

ESU Members ONLY - Exclusive Deals!


Receive advice on your workplace concerns or queries. At ESU, we have a team that will be able to listen to your concerns, provide recommendation and advise on your next steps.


Tap on the yearly $250 Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP) fund to attend personal training and courses. Choose from a list of more than 5,300 courses including programming, cybersecurity, communication, writing, and other skills. Enjoy special webinars and events organized by ESU to develop yourself.

Our Wall of Thanks


Enjoy a host of privileges, ranging from discounts from NTUC’s Social Enterprises such as FairPrice, Kopitiam, My First Skool as well as exclusive privileges from NTUC’s merchant partners. For the full and updated list of membership benefits, you may check out the MyNTUC app. You can also check out the latest membership benefits here.


Upgrade yourself and seek for opportunities through career fairs and training and advisory sessions organised by the Employment and Employability Institute (e2i).

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All working individuals in the education industry may join as an ESU member. However, this excludes those in the public sector. Foreigners and freelancers working in the education industry are also welcome to join us.

Yes, so long as you are working in the Education industry, you can join ESU as a member, regardless of the unionisation status of your company. However, this excludes those in the public sector.

You may log onto UPortal to verify your membership status. Alternatively, you may drop us an email at with your date of birth as well as your last 3 digits and alphabet of your NRIC so that we can verify your membership status.

You are a union member if you own the silver NTUC Plus! card, regardless of whether it is a Visa or a normal card. If you own the black Plus! Visa or normal card, you are not a union member and may wish to sign up for membership at For more details on the card, please visit

Yes, membership is open to all groups of working individuals.

Yes, there is a membership fee for all individuals who intend to join ESU as a member. The cost for membership is $117 a year and the breakdown is as follows: $9 a month from January to November and $18 in December. This is just $0.32 a day!

Our team at ESU is trained in employment regulations and guidelines. As a member, you may contact our ESU team to better understand your options when you face a workplace issue. Non-members will not receive any support in this area and are personally responsible for seeing through a case from start to end. Once a case has been filed, you will enjoy a shorter waiting time, and our officers will advise and assist you through the case until an outcome is reached. Claim limits for members are also higher compared to non-members. 

Being an ESU member automatically means that you are an NTUC member and you will get the enjoy the suite of benefits that come with an NTUC membership. You will also get to enjoy curated ESU membership benefits. Once you sign up as a member, you may start shopping at FairPrice outlets to enjoy rebates or join in complimentary ESU webinars conducted frequently for our members.

You can download the conversion form here to transfer your membership to ESU. You may send the completed form to us at Members in the education industry who have changed companies can also download the form to convert membership.