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Terms & Conditions for ESU MGM & NMI 2023

The period of both initiatives shall begin on 1st September 2023 and end on 31st December 2023, all membership forms must reach Education Services Union (ESU) Office at 150 Changi Road, #04-01 Gutherie Building, Singapore 419973 either by post or in-person within the period to qualify. Please refer to for the operating hours.


Member – Get – Member (MGM) Incentive


1. To qualify for MGM Incentive, the recruiter must be an ESU Member. Union Members who are not ESU members but working within the Private Education Sector may reach out to ESU via email: to convert their membership. Upon converting their membership – the recruiter will be eligible to participate in the MGM Initiative.


2. Membership forms submitted must be of a non-existing ESU Member. Membership forms of Union Members from other NTUC Affiliated Unions or non-members will qualify, however, the new member must be working in the Private Education Sector. Each eligible membership form submitted will be eligible for a S$20.00 Incentive Payout.


3. Incentive Payouts shall be transferred into the Recruiter’s Bank Account that is used for Membership Subscription Fee payment by 7th of the following month from the date of receipt of forms. Recruiters must submit the completed Bank Authorization Form posted on the website link of the QR code in the EDM for the payout to be processed.


4. Recruiters are advised to closely follow the document Instruction for Recruiter posted on the website link of the QR code in the EDM. Failure to comply accordingly could result in the submission being voided due to incomplete details.


New Member Incentive (NMI) Incentive


1. To receive the NMI Incentive, the new member must currently be a non-member or a member from another NTUC Affiliated Union working in the Private Education Sector. Each eligible new member will receive $20.00 worth of LinkPoints (2,000 LinkPoints) which will be credited automatically into the Link Card on the following month from the date of receipt (for conversion cases) or when the Link Card is issued (New members).


2. Individuals are reminded to complete the membership sign-up form clearly and accurately, failure to complete the form to a sufficient degree of accuracy could result in the submission being void due to incomplete details.


Information for both MGM & NMI Initiative


1. Education Services Union Executive Committee reserves the right at its sole discretion to vary, amend, add or delete this programme without prior notice. In the event that a dispute arises regarding the programme, the Executive Committee’s decision on the matter shall be final.


2. For clarifications or enquiries on the initiative, individuals can write in to or contact 6872 1148 for further clarifications.


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